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relationship questionsYou’ve been dating for a while and things are going pretty smoothly so now what? This is one of those areas in which many couples fall into the trap of misunderstood expectations or directions as to where the relationship is going.

The best place to start with relationship questions are with yourself before you ask your partner. This way, you can have a clear understanding about where the relationship is going for you and what changes you would like to make.

Are You Ready For A Commitment?

We often ask this question of the one we date when it first should be asked to ourselves. This means looking in the mirror and asking if we would be happy in a committed relationship with the person who is staring back at us. If you are not comfortable with yourself to the point where being in a committed relationship works, then you will need to address these issues before putting yourself in that position.

Do You Enjoy Each Other’s Company?

Here, the question is whether your “idea” of them matches the reality. If you seemingly enjoy more the idea of being with them than actually doing things together, then something is not right. You will need to find out what that is first before you can proceed.
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What To Get Your Girlfriend For Her Birthday

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The Bachelorette Recap: Nick Went There

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When Passion Ruins A Relationship

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