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bunch of rosesSo last night was the finale of this season of The Bachelorette. The turning point in the finale was that Andi, The Bachelorette, sent Nick home before the final rose. She did it out of respect and to not put him through the heartbreak of proposing to her only to have her shoot him down. (A quick side note here: I hate how on this show you now send the person home out of respect for them and to “not put them through” the pain of not getting a rose. It’s such a cop out. Everyone that goes in this show knows how it works. 24 people are going to get their heart ripped out. They know this going in. In my eyes, the Bachelor/Bachelorette only does this to try to look more sincere. Anyways, back to the show.)

So Nick had his heart ripped out and went home. Over the course of the next few months, he tried to get in contact with Andi to talk about how things ended and to get some closure/getting a better understanding of why things ended. Andi refused to talk to him. Well, on After The Final Rose, she had to sit down with him…on live television.

Andi basically told him she never was in love with him, yada, yada, yada. After some stumbling around, Nick asked her why if she didn’t love him, did she make love to him in the fantasy suite. With that, Twitter exploded. Here’s my take on why I am siding with Nick on this one.

Reasons Why I’m Defending Nick

1. You Gave Up Your Privacy

After Nick “dropped the bomb” last night, so many people, women in particular, jumped on Twitter and called him trash and a jerk for spilling the beans. Well, both of them decided to give up their privacy when they went on the show in the first place. You make out with guys for 10 weeks on national television, you have an overnight date in the “fantasy suite” where the show makes a very strong implication that boots are going to be knocking all night long. To me, you handed in the privacy card when you signed up to be on the show. Therefore, I have no sympathy for Andi. (Bonus point: how is Nick a jerk for telling us what happened and Juan Pablo is a jerk for not telling us anything?? Do you want to be told things or not? Make up your mind America!)
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