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Signs of An Abusive Relationship

signs of an abusive relationshipGrowing up, I was familiar with the saying “sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me”. What a crock. Sure it’s good to say, but for most people, it doesn’t work this way. The moment you are called a “fatty” or “four-eyes”, your self-esteem takes a drop. Yes, some of us can brush it off, but many of us cannot. We internalize it and it becomes who we are. If your partner is doing this to you, it is one of the many signs of an abusive relationship.

Most times when we think of an abusive relationship, we think of a physical attack. Much more common though are emotional attacks that don’t have any sort of physical violence attached. It is also these non-physical types of attacks that make so many people ignore the signs of an abusive relationship.

In this post, I am going to walk you through many of the signs of an abusive relationship. If you can relate to them, then you need to seek help now. Not later or tomorrow, but now. You may not think your life is in danger, but it is.

7 Signs of An Abusive Relationship

Your Partner is Jealous When You Go Out

Do you usually get into fights when you are going out for a night with the guys or the girls? Does your partner make you feel bad and try to convince you to stay home? Or maybe it has gotten to the point where you no longer spend time with friends or family simply because “you know better” than to upset your partner.

This is one of the classic signs of an abusive relationship. Your partner has an insecurity with themselves and they are taking it out on you. A healthy, long-lasting relationship needs to have both parties away from each other at times. You need to have your own identity, your own hobbies and interests. Yes you also need to have things in common but you should never lose sight of you as an individual. [Read the full article]

Disconnecting To Grow Closer

couple technology

I want you to take a few minutes and really look at the picture to the left. It might seem innocent enough, but it is a growing problem, one that is ruining relationships. That problem is the “need” to always be connected to our phones, tablets and computers. We don’t think much of it, but it does … [Read the full article]

Relationship Tips For Men

realtionship tips for men

If you want a girl out there to fall in love with you, chances are that you'll have to go that extra step to win her over. That's okay, though, because you're probably willing to do anything it takes. Follow the suggestions in this article to get your dream girl. Love is an art, not a science, so … [Read the full article]