Starting A Relationship – 5 Tips For Success

starting a relationshipRegardless whether you found love online or through the traditional avenues, starting a relationship is a fun and exciting time in your life. The newness and potential makes it hard to sleep and eager to find out what is to come. But it can also be scary because of how many relationships come and go and even how many never get off of the ground. So how do you position yourself to give your budding romance the best shot at turning into an amazing relationship? Below are 5 tips for starting a relationship that can help with just that.

5 Tips For Starting A Relationship

Lust or Love?

The first tip is to determine what you are feeling is lust or love. This can be hard to figure out at first as the lines can easily blur. But as you progress from the first to the second and then to the third date, it will become clear which one it is. Here is your guideline: [Click Here To Keep Reading]

How Senior Dating Act On Today’s Dating Scene!

The world of online dating has made it possible for people to be able to start dating after 50 without having to go through any of the bad situations that would normally cause them to feel embarrassed at their age. Most seniors are not interested in those bad situations that can come from being at bars and clubs, or having to date someone who might not be in any way compatible with them. This is not the kind of thing that someone who has reached a certain age wants to be … [Click Here To Keep Reading]

Over 50 Dating – Words Which Can Ruin Your Date

dating over 50

There is an old adage, “Words have the power to hurt more than a sword.” This saying is to put light upon the fact that the sword might kill once but the words leave a long term injury on heart that can never be healed. Therefore your words may have a power to influence but to ruin as well. Dating over 50 is more than just a flirt. It is the time when you actually want to settle down. Therefore it is necessary that you and your partner build a healthy and positive … [Click Here To Keep Reading]

Do You Quit On Love Too Quickly?

quit on love

In our fast paced world, we have become accustomed to having things immediately. In fact, we have all developed a sense of short-term gratification. If we don’t get something right this instant, then we are unhappy and go to extremes to change things. Unfortunately, this bleeds over into our love lives as well. So I am here to ask you, could your failures at love be your own undoing and not because you haven’t found “the one”? In other words, do you quit on love too … [Click Here To Keep Reading]

3 Tips For The Hottest Sex Ever

hottest sex ever

Sex is fun. Sex is hot. But sadly for many couples, after a while, sex loses its luster and just becomes enjoyable. While there shouldn’t be anything wrong with enjoyable sex, many times we think back to times when we had great sex and miss those times. Today, I am here to help you get back to those times and surpass them with tips for the hottest sex ever.No more falling in ruts or routines. We are going to spice things up and make your next sexual encounter one for … [Click Here To Keep Reading]

5 Reasons Why Dating In Your 30s Is Awesome

dating in your 30s

There is a stigma for those single in their thirties. The stigma is stronger for women than men however – both because of family pressure, “when are you gonna get married?” and having kids – but men feel the pressure too. I am here to tell you that being single and dating in your 30s is awesome. It is so awesome in fact, that I came up with 5 reasons why. 5 Reasons Why Dating In Your 30s Rocks You Know Who You Are When you are in your teens and twenties, you mainly go … [Click Here To Keep Reading]

Dating In College? 5 Tips To Help You Survive

dating in college

College is certainly the best time to begin your dating journey. It’s fun and also gives you experiences to cherish for life. When dating in college, guys don’t have to worry about taking a girl to a five-star restaurant and girls don’t have to wear designer dresses to impress guys they like. College is where you find out what you want and what not in your future partner. Sometimes a relationship goes way long from the college. We also make some good and sometimes the … [Click Here To Keep Reading]

Online Dating Over 50 – Advice For Women

older woman dating

Navigating the relationship terrain can be quite hard when you pass a certain age, but with the help of over 50 dating sites you can easily open up new territories and, as a woman, you will find yourself wanted once more. Despite the fact that this might sound nice at first, many women are still under the impression that senior dating is not a good idea. However, you shouldn’t think that when it comes to dating over 50, because most of the time it’s dating what makes a … [Click Here To Keep Reading]