Online Dating Over 50 – Advice For Women

older woman datingNavigating the relationship terrain can be quite hard when you pass a certain age, but with the help of over 50 dating sites you can easily open up new territories and, as a woman, you will find yourself wanted once more. Despite the fact that this might sound nice at first, many women are still under the impression that senior dating is not a good idea. However, you shouldn’t think that when it comes to dating over 50, because most of the time it’s dating what makes a person different and unique, not anything else!

It’s crucial to know that your body is perfect as it is, because at this age the looks aren’t as important as the way a woman things, at least from the standpoint of a man. This is why it’s way more important to focus on looking great the way you are instead of trying a variety of therapies, tricks or even surgery just to try and look better. When it comes to over 50 dating, all that matters is for you and your partner to get along, as that’s very important. [Click Here To Keep Reading]

5 Ways To Make Your Girlfriend Feel Lucky

make your girlfriend feel lucky

Every girl deserves to be treated like a princess by her man. However, in spite of trying hard, most men fail to meet or even exceed their special one’s expectations. And the problem lies in the fact that they don’t think like a girl. It is important to think from each others perspectives in a relationship so that you can fulfill what exactly your partner expects from you.We are all sensitive beings and all of us ultimately want to feel safe and appreciated and loved … [Click Here To Keep Reading]

3 Ways You Are Sabotaging Your Sex Life

sabotaging your sex life

One of the great things about being in a relationship is the sex. But all too often for those in a long-term relationship, we end up sabotaging our sex life. Not on purpose, but unconsciously, we make it harder for us to connect with our partner sexually and end up sabotaging our sex lives because of the things we do (and in some cases the things we don’t do). Here are 3 common ways we do this and how to overcome them. 3 Ways You Are Sabotaging Your Sex Life You Expect … [Click Here To Keep Reading]

4 Types of Women Men Can’t Resist

types of women men can't resist

Every guy has a type of woman he is attracted to. Most guys are either into blondes or brunettes. Some are boob guys while others are ass men. And some guys like short women while others prefer tall women. But regardless of hair color or body type, there are 4 types of women men can't resist. They have a certain way about them that makes us guys want them, regardless of our own interests. Here these types of women are, in no particular order. The 4 Types of Women Men … [Click Here To Keep Reading]

Love Lab – Revolutionizing Online Dating

love lab

I’ve done the online dating thing. I was on just about every online dating site when I was single and looking for love. While the experience was a success for me, I did hit a bunch of bumps along the way. In my case, these bumps were mostly women using pictures from, oh, I don’t know, 15 years ago! Talking with others though, I know my experience was just the tip of the iceberg.So how do you do online dating and limit (or even avoid) these bumps altogether? Say hello … [Click Here To Keep Reading]

Is Finding Love Again Worth It?

finding love again

We’ve all been in that place. That place where we were head over heels in love with someone else and then without a sign (or at least a sign we were willing to see) they pulled the rug from under our feet and we were crushed. It hurt so much. What went wrong? How could this happen? Now you are tasked with asking yourself if finding love again is worth it. The answer my friend, is yes. Getting Crushed My story for getting crushed is similar to many others I would guess. … [Click Here To Keep Reading]

Do Long Distance Relationships Work?

do long distance realtionships work

The stereotype is that all long distance relationships fail. But it is not fair to paint all long distance relationships this way. There are in fact many of these types of relationships that thrive and succeed for the long term. Therefore the answer to the question of “do long distance relationships work” is not a simple yes or no. A lot of it depends on other factors. Luckily for you, you can control many of these other factors and therefore have a successful … [Click Here To Keep Reading]

How To Write A Love Letter

how to write a love letter

We’ve all seen The Notebook and know about the power of love letters. If you were watching the movie with your girlfriend, she might have even hinted at wanting to get a love letter herself. So now the pressure is on my friend. It’s time for you to write a love letter. But how? In this post, I will walk you through how to write a love letter that will knock her socks off and if you are lucky, you’ll be able to keep taking more things off of her! The Basics of How To … [Click Here To Keep Reading]