Equal In Every Way

I talk a lot about how to make long-term relationships last on this site. In order to make a relationship last, you need to have two people willing to dig their heels in and fight for the relationship. While there are times that the relationship still fails, both parties can move on, knowing they did everything in their power to make it work. In other words, it’s not like you quit without even trying the relationship out.

One area I haven’t talked about much is that of children. In the past, it was less common for two people to have a children before marriage. Now, that is not the case. many people are deciding to start families without marrying, many times for personal reasons. Of course, the exception to this is within the LGBT community where marriage isn’t recognized in many states.

While browsing around the internet, I came across a great infographic that talked about the kids of LGBT parents. More specifically, the myths about how these kids will grow up “troubled” or potentially worse, grow up to be homosexuals themselves. While I personally don’t believe either of these myths, I don’t live under a rock. I have been apart of many conversations where one or more people actually believe these myths. [Click Here To Keep Reading]

Dealing With Relationship Anxiety

relationship anxiety

One of the truths about relationships is that they will create their fair share of anxiety. This is especially true at the beginning where relationship anxiety peaks with those who are unsure about where it may take them. Being able to understand your feelings and recognizing the anxiety that is being created because of your perception about being in a relationship is a good first step. The Causes of Relationship Anxiety There are several causes to anxiety in … [Click Here To Keep Reading]

Getting Out Of An Emotionally Abusive Relationship

emotionally abusive relationship

Abuse in relationships is not limited to just physical abuse; as a matter of fact, there are many who don’t realize right away that they are already in a very emotionally abusive relationship.This doesn’t necessarily mean you’re crying your eyes out each time you speak or spend time with a particular person; it can also be as simple as when you just don’t feel happy anymore. What Is An Emotionally Abusive Relationship? An emotionally abusive relationship is not … [Click Here To Keep Reading]

3 Tips To Help You Get The Girl Out Of Your League

get the girl out of your league

There are plenty of hot girls out there. Many guys see them and fantasize about being their boyfriend. Not many make a move because they think they don’t stand a chance. They tell themselves, “why would she be interested in me”? In other words, they think she is out of their league.This is not the case though. You can get any girl you want. You just have to know how to do it. Luckily for you, I have 3 tips that will help you get the girl out of your league. In fact, … [Click Here To Keep Reading]

Your Guide To Workplace Relationships

workplace relationships

There are many ways to meet the opposite sex today. You can try online dating sites. You can try the traditional way of meeting in a bar or having friends set you up. You can even try apps on your smartphone. But more and more people are finding love in the workplace. This can be a dicey situation, so today I have written a guide to workplace relationships.The guide to workplace relationships will help you to navigate the potential landmines of dating a co-worker, … [Click Here To Keep Reading]

How To Fix A Broken Relationship

how to fix a broken relationship

People tend to be social creatures so that it can be great to be surrounded by family members, friends, and colleagues. This offers the opportunity to have interesting conversations, tell stories, or just hang out and socialize. One particularly important part of being social is the relationship that a person develops with a partner. A guy may have found the person he thinks is the love of his life. Or a girl might have found someone that she thinks she can really trust, … [Click Here To Keep Reading]

4 Career Men 40-Plus Single Women Love To Date

over 40 women dating

When it is about dating men in the middle age range, women prefer dating over 40 single men from certain categories, and it is easy to understand why. After a certain age, you prefer stability, understanding, support, and a pleasant person you can spend your time with. Not to mention that he should have a stable financial condition, so you should worry no more.And by the time they reach 40, men should already have their career in a secure place, this is why they make … [Click Here To Keep Reading]

Starting A Relationship – 5 Tips For Success

starting a relationship

Regardless whether you found love online or through the traditional avenues, starting a relationship is a fun and exciting time in your life. The newness and potential makes it hard to sleep and eager to find out what is to come. But it can also be scary because of how many relationships come and go and even how many never get off of the ground. So how do you position yourself to give your budding romance the best shot at turning into an amazing relationship? Below are 5 … [Click Here To Keep Reading]