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how to break up with someone you loveWhy do people break up? After a beautiful wedding, promised bright future, going on dates to expensive hotels and experiencing happy times together. Imagine all those experiences going to waste! Then it becomes really devastating. If you have really decided to break up with a partner, follow the tips below in order to end the relationship the right way.

How To Break Up With Someone You Love

Open Your Heart

Be very honest, direct and mean it. There are so many ways that leads to break up, for example, you could be breaking up because you can’t resolve conflicts, your partner cannot accept your differences, there is no efficient communication, you are not comfortable with the relationship or the relationship doesn’t allow you to evolve according to your wishes. Just as I said open your heart, speak it out why you have decided to end the relationship.

Be Sure You Want To End The Relationship

Do you need to break up? Don’t start regretting it afterwards. Call them and say for example, “do you mind having coffee sometime?” Never hold onto someone because you don’t want to hurt his or her feelings or you are afraid of being single. This is even worse that breaking up.

Directly say that you don’t see any happiness with the relationship. You need to break up because there so many differences, conflicts and/or no respect.

Do It In Person

Talk to your partner in person. If you really mean it, then you owe them to have the discussion face to face. Don’t break up by phone email, text, or by sending someone to break up the relationship for you. This means that you are a coward. Remember it’s your choice nobody forced you two to be together.
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