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relationship tips for menIf you want a girl out there to fall in love with you, chances are that you’ll have to go that extra step to win her over. That’s okay, though, because you’re probably willing to do anything it takes. Follow the suggestions in this article to get your dream girl. Love is an art, not a science, so try to think of these steps as fluid guidelines.

6 Relationship Tips For Men


Show her that you’re capable of loving yourself first. Practice good hygiene, wear nice clothes (clean and no holes!), exercise and eat right to keep your body strong and healthy. When you show people you’re worthy of love by loving yourself, they’re much more likely to agree! For example, look in the mirror and say “I look good!”.

Breaking The Ice

Have you ever noticed that there is a lady always watching you? Do something that will make her take notice of you. Many women want a man who is strong but compassionate, who leads but listens, and who is confident without being cocky. Remember this as you begin to get yourself noticed.

After being noticed make sure you get close. I mean you face them and follow these steps:
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